Internal Career Site - Display Referral Link

With this enhancement, the referral link now displays on the Refer a Candidate flyout. Users can copy the link and use it to refer the candidate via mediums other than email, such as social media platforms.

When candidates apply to a job via the copied referral link, they will follow the same referral process as referrals that are sent via email. However, sharing the referral link on a social media platform does not add an entry to the My Referrals page unless a candidate applies via the link.

Click here to download the Internal Career Site (Early Adopter) starter guide.

Use Case

An artist who works at a film company has a significant following on a social media platform. Whenever she becomes aware of new art production jobs, she shares them with her followers. She finds a new job on her organization's internal career site and copies the link from the Refer a Candidate flyout. She pastes the link into a new post on social media. Two of her followers apply to the job, and she can track their referral progress on her My Referrals page.


Upon implementation, this functionality is available for all portals using Recruiting. Internal Career Site must be enabled in the portal, and the Enable Referrals feature must be set to On in Internal Career Site Preferences.


The following permission applies to this functionality:

Internal Career Site Enables users to view the internal career site. Assigned by default to the default security role, System Administrator, Cornerstone Administrator, and the Recruiting Administrator. Recruiting