GDPR Enhancements

Prior to these enhancements, gaps in data deletion and anonymization events caused certain candidates to remain in the system indefinitely without being anonymized or deleted.

As part of the February '21 release, the following enhancements are made to assist with Global Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance:

  • Candidates in an active status in a Canceled requisition will become eligible for data deletion. Prior to this enhancement, candidates in an active status in a Canceled requisition remained in the system indefinitely. The only way for these candidates to become eligible for data deletion was by dispositioning them. With this enhancement, candidate data is deleted based on the retention period and when the requisition was canceled. This will delete the applications only and not the user record. The candidates will still be searchable, but the applications will be deleted.
  • Former employees will not be able to anonymize their own profile. Prior to this enhancement, only former employees with a hired application (meaning the employee applied to a job at their former organization and was hired) were prevented from self-anonymizing via the Deactivate and anonymize My Profile option on the My Profile page of the career site. With this enhancement, all former employees will be prevented from self-anonymizing from the career site. This covers use cases in which a former employee may have been added as an employee in another way, such as through a data load. The ability to self-anonymize is controlled by the Allow applicants to anonymize their own profiles option in Compliance Enablement Preferences; however, there is no preference that controls this specific former employee use case. Data deletion features based on retention period may still anonymize this data.

Note: A requisition that is in a Cancelled status means the requisition was cancelled manually because it was determined that the position would never be filled. A requisition that is in a Closed status means the requisition was closed by the system because a candidate was hired for the position.


Upon implementation of this enhancement, this functionality is available for all portals using Recruiting.

Customers are recommended to review and update their privacy policy documentation to accurately reflect the current behavior.


The following existing permission applies to this enhancement:

Compliance Enablement Preferences - Manage Grants ability to access and manage Compliance Enablement Preferences. This permission can be constrained by OU and User's OU. This is an administrator permission. Recruiting Administration