View Assessment Scores

With this enhancement, assessment scores now display on Manage Candidates, the resume carousel, and the applicant cohort page. The score shows for each assessment package.

Manage Candidates Page

On the Manage Candidates page, each assessment displays in its own column, showing the result along with the overall score for the assessment. Including the result and score on Manage Candidates can help recruiters interpret the score. The result is passed to Cornerstone by the assessment provider and is not defined by Cornerstone.

The columns can be hidden via the Customize Columns option.

Assessments Section on Resume Carousel and Applicant Cohort Page

An Assessments section is added to the resume carousel (pictured) and applicant cohort page. This section displays all assessments assigned to the applicant and that were part of the application. The completion status, overall score, and date completed displays.

Click Show Details to view the score for individual assessments that are part of an assessment package.