Reporting Fields – Succession

New Value for “[metric name] - Calibration Source” Field

Prior to this release, the reporting field “[metric name] - Calibration Source” provided four possible values to identify the source of a metric: Helicopter View, Task, Snapshot, and Metric Grid Report.

With this enhancement, a new value, "Task-PrePopulated", is added to represent metrics that are pre-populated into a task but not edited. The existing value, "Task", now only relates to metrics edited within the task. This allows users to distinguish between metrics pre-populated to task vs edited in the task, and quickly see what an assessor changed.

New Succession Fields

This enhancement was released with the December 18, 2020 patch.

With this release, the following new fields are added for Succession ‘Assessor’ and ‘Employee Relationship’ task types:

field name section Description Field type
Removed by Org Change

Succession Task

Indicates that an assessee is removed due to a change impacting the availability used to set up the task, such as a change to the user's OU.

Removed by Assessor Succession Task

Indicates that assessee is removed by the assessor within the task, such as in the org chart step.


Note: These fields do not apply to ‘Job Pool’ or ‘Talent Conference’ task types.


  • These features are on by default.
  • The change to the “[metric name] - Calibration Source” field is visible for tasks launched after the release of this enhancement.