Training Exemption Safelist

Prior to this enhancement, the ability to mark training exempt was completely controlled by the Mark Transcript Exempt permission, meaning that any user with this permission could mark their employees exempt from any training item.

With this enhancement, administrators can configure a training exemption approval safelist at the training level, which then grants only specified users the ability to mark that training item as exempt and approve exemption requests for that training. Training exemption approval safelist criteria can be configured for training items via a new tab in the Course Catalog.


  • If a safelist has been configured for a training item, in order to see the Mark Exempt option, users must have both the Mark Transcript Exempt permission AND be on the training exemption safelist for the training item.
  • If a safelist is not utilized for a training item, the Mark Transcript Exempt permission is still respected as it was prior to this enhancement.
  • Using safelists is optional.


This functionality is automatically enabled for all portals using the Learning module.


The following existing permissions apply to this functionality:

Course Catalog - Update

Grants ability to manage and edit training items listed in the Course Catalog and also grants access to the Course Console, where training can also be managed and edited. This permission also grants access to the Popular Requests and Highest Rated widgets on the Learning Admin Console (in conjunction with the Learning Admin Console - View permission). This permission also allows administrators to reversion online courses via the Course Console page. This permission also allows administrators to access an Edit Training option for training items included as objectives in Development plans.

This permission can be constrained by OU, User's OU, Training Type, Training Item, Provider, ILT Provider, User's ILT Provider, User, User Self and Subordinates, and User's LO Availability. This is an administrator permission.

Note: Adding an OU constraint and a provider constraint to this permission results in an "AND" statement.

Learning - Administration
Mark Transcript Exempt

Grants ability to exempt users from a learning object, using the "Mark Exempt" link on the top right corner of the target user's Transcript/Training details page. This permission can be constrained by OU, User's OU, and User's Subordinates. This is an administrator permission.

With the May '17 release, this permission also applies to prerequisites, pre-work, and post-work. Users without this permission cannot mark any training type exempt for a user.

Learning - Administration