Cornerstone Learn - Mobile Security Enhancements

This enhancement includes the following features, which help improve the security of the Cornerstone Learn app and protect against potential attacks:

  • Weak PIN detection, with a pop-up that prompts users to use a stronger PIN. Criteria that will flag a PIN as weak:
    • Less than three unique characters (e.g. PIN that uses only two numbers, such as 343344)
    • Using four numbers that are in subsequent order (e.g 1234XX or X1234X or XX4567)
    • Using four numbers in backwards subsequent order (e.g. XX4321 or 4321XX)
  • 30 minute device lockout after five unsuccessful PIN attempts
  • Encryption of information before storing to keychain (iOS only)

This enhancement was made available with the Dec 4 2020 patch.

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Version Number

This functionality applies to iOS version 1.51 and Android version


This functionality is automatically available to both Android and iOS users of the Cornerstone Learn app. If the apps on a user's device are configured to auto-update, no action is required from the user in order to receive this functionality. If the apps on a user's device are not configured to auto-update, the user must download the latest version of the app from either the Apple store or the Google Play store.