Grovo and Create Tool Content Player 508/WCAG Compliance Enhancements

Digital accessibility promotes usability for users with physical, visual, or auditory impairments. With the February '21 Release, the Grovo content player is now compliant to a WCAG 2.1 AA standard for accessibility, with minor exceptions for usage of third-party libraries outside of Cornerstone's control. When possible, impaired users are offered alternatives and workarounds to provide the best viewing experience of course content.

The following enhancements are not noticeable to most end users, but will help facilitate an improved experience for users with visual impairments:

  • Higher color contrast ratios have been added to navigation buttons
  • ARIA labels are included on interactive elements
  • All content may be viewed at high magnification levels

This functionality is not available at the start of UAT.

Starter Guide

Click here to access the Grovo Create Tool Starter Guide!


This functionality is automatically enabled for all portals using the Create Tool to create and provide users with content.


These features do not guarantee that custom content generated by administrators will be 508/WCAG compliant. Create Tool users must leverage the accessibility-focused features, such as closed captioning upload and alt text input to increase the usability of their custom course content.