Learning Assessments - Completion Reporting

With this enhancement, learning assessment completion data is included in both Custom Reports and Reporting 2.0.

The following assessment data is included in learning object (LO) completion reporting:

  • Assessment LO status
  • Assessment LO score

Create Report

Administrators can access this information by creating a report with the following fields:

  • Assignment Training Title - This field should be used as the criteria for creating the report and should be set to the name of the assessment they want the report on.
  • User First and Last Name - This is the name of the user who took the assessment.
  • Transcript Status - This is the current status of the assessment LO on the transcript.
  • Transcript Score - This is the score associated with the assessment. This field will be blank if the assessment is not in a Completed or Failed status.
  • Passed - This field indicates whether the user received a passing score for the assessment, using a Yes/No value. Note: Unscored assessments receive a Yes value.

These are the only fields supported for assessments at this time. Additional assessment reporting capabilities will be added in future releases.