Edge Import - Ability to Deactivate Subjects Associated with Training (Subject Loads)

Prior to this enhancement, subjects could only be made inactive if they were not associated with any training. This was only possible via a work order.

With this enhancement, the Edge Import Subjects Load functionality now allows for the deactivation of subjects that are associated with training. A subject can be deactivated even if it and its child subjects have training associated with it.

Inactive subjects associated with training may be visible to administrators in several areas of the Catalog when managing training. These areas include: Course Catalog, Material Administration, Test Administration, Curricula Administration, Video Administration, and Manage Events & Sessions. Inactive subjects associated with training are also visible in the Subjects filter in Learning Search.

How Does this Enhancement Benefit My Organization?

This enhancement provides a self-service solution to deactivate subjects linked to training without the need for a work order.

Starter Guide

Click here to download the Edge Import - Historical LMS Starter Guide.


This functionality is automatically enabled for all organizations using the Subjects data load in Edge Import. Template Guides are available in Edge Import to assist with load setup.


The following existing permission applies to this functionality:

Access LMS - Subjects Load Grants access to the Subjects data load via Edge Import. This permission cannot be constrained. This is an administrator permission. Edge Import