Data Exporter - Deprecation of XML Manifest for Core and Non-Core Objects with the April '21 Release

When a data export is delivered, it contains a manifest which explains the contents of the export.

Currently the manifest for core and non-core objects is delivered in both JSON and XML.

The XML manifest will continue to be provided alongside the JSON manifest until the April '21 release, at which point the XML manifest will be deprecated and no longer provided for both core and non-core objects. We advise against using the XML manifest in new development work, and suggest you modify applications that currently use the XML manifest as soon as possible. The JSON manifest will continue to be delivered for both core and non-core objects and is the preferred choice.

JSON can be parsed by a standard JavaScript function which makes it easier to work with for programmatic consumption compared to XML which has to be parsed with an XML parser. The JSON manifest is also richer in extended metadata including:

  • Name (Custom fields will have their user-designated name)
  • Heading (When available at the table level)
  • Description (When available at the table level)
  • Cross-platform, cross-format data types
  • User defined object flag (At the object level)

Starter Guide

Click here to download the Data Exporter Starter Guide.


This functionality is automatically enabled for all organizations using the Data Exporter.