Reporting 2.0 - Usability Enhancements

October 2020 Release

The following usability enhancements for the October' 20 release are made to improve the user experience for Reporting 2.0:

Publish Imported Report to Dashboard

Prior to this enhancement, dashboard widgets that were part of a custom report that was imported to Reporting 2.0 were not automatically published to dashboards. Instead, they had to be republished to dashboards by selecting the Publish to Dashboards option on the Properties panel.

With this enhancement, a Convert Custom Report dashboard widgets to Reporting 2.0 dashboard widgets for selected reports option is added to the Import Your Custom Reports flyout that lets you automatically convert dashboard widgets from Custom Reports into Reporting 2.0 widgets. When the import executes, imported custom report widgets on existing dashboards automatically converted to Reporting 2.0 widgets without any further action needed for migration.

The widgets are available from the Reporting 2.0 tab in Dashboards.

Auto-Enable Report Schedule for Imported Reports

Prior to this enhancement, the delivery schedule for custom reports was not included when imported to Reporting 2.0 and had to be configured manually. In addition, the custom report delivery schedule had to be disabled manually to prevent two reports from running.

With this enhancement, an Enable delivery configurations in Reporting 2.0 for selected reports option is added when importing reports. This option automatically includes the delivery schedule for the imported report.

It is important to note that once the report is imported, the delivery schedule in the custom report becomes inactive. The delivery options are removed. However, the settings for scheduling are preserved so that delivery options can be configured again.

11 September 2020 Patch Release

The following enhancements were made to improve the user experience for Reporting 2.0 and were available as part of the 11 September 2020 patch:


Upon implementation of this enhancement, this functionality is available in all portals using Reporting 2.0. However, it is necessary to clear your browser's cache in order to view the updates.

Click here to download the Reporting 2.0 starter guide.


For information about Reporting 2.0 permissions, see the following:

  • Permissions in Reporting 2.0 - This provides detailed information about Reporting 2.0 permissions.
  • Permissions List - This provides the list of permissions and their relationships so that you know the specific permissions users need to create and view reports.