Internal Career Site - Filter by Referrals

With this enhancement, a referrals eligibility filter is added to the job search page. Jobs are eligible for referral when they are posted to the default external career site for the requisition, as defined on the Postings page for the requisition.

Users can search by the following filter options to narrow their search for jobs that are eligible for referrals:

  • All - When selected, all jobs appear, regardless of whether the job is eligible for referral.
  • Referable - When selected, only jobs that are eligible to be referred display.
  • Includes Referral Bonus - When selected, the only jobs that display are jobs that are eligible to be referred and include a referral bonus. The referral bonus is determined by the administrator or recruiter when configuring the requisition.

Note: If Internal Career Site Preferences are set to hide referral relationships, then the referral bonus symbol in the Eligible for Referral column and the Includes Referral Bonus filter do not display.

To access the Internal Career Site page, go to Home > Internal Career Site.