Deprecation of Hiring Manager Shortlist with the April '21 Release

With the April ’21 Release, the Hiring Manager Shortlist will be deprecated in all portals. Hiring Manager Shortlist is an opt-in/by request-only feature that automatically shares candidates with hiring managers when the candidate enters the "In Review" status.

There are many challenges with this feature:

  • Hiring managers can only provide feedback when the candidate is in the "In Review" Status.
  • Hiring managers are unable to leave comments on the applicant.
  • Hiring managers are unable to see additional content about the applicant such as answers to pre-screening questions.
  • Hiring Manager Shortlist is limited to hiring managers – other business stakeholders cannot provide feedback.

Clients that utilize the Hiring Manager Shortlist are encouraged to begin using Request Candidate Feedback to share candidates with hiring managers and collect feedback. Request Candidate Feedback supports the ability to collect an "advance" or "do not advance" vote from hiring managers, and also enables hiring managers to leave comments for the recruiter to read if configured to do so.

With Request Candidate Feedback, recruiters can share candidates with hiring managers in any status, across any requisition. Hiring managers can see an applicant's resume, answers to prescreening questions, and comments left on the applicant. Candidates can be shared with any business stakeholder in the organization, allowing recruiters to align with additional managers. Request Candidate feedback also allows hiring managers to leave open ended comments on the applicant, enabling hiring managers and recruiters to better align on key competencies required for a role, and specific applicant's qualifications.

Click here to download the Hiring Manager Shortlist Deprecation guide.


Hiring Manager Shortlist will be deprecated in all portals with the April '21 release.

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