Applicant Profile Performance Enhancement

Prior to this enhancement, a user may have experienced a long load time when accessing the Applicant Profile Summary tab for a candidate in a child requisition whose parent requisition had a large number of candidates. This delay was the result of an extra check that was done to determine whether to display the Parent Requisition on the Summary tab. This check was done so the title of the parent requisition would only display if the user had access to the parent requisition.

As this data is not sensitive, Cornerstone has removed the access check so that the parent requisition title is displayed in all cases, which should improve the performance of the page. The parent requisition is not a clickable link so the existing functionality to prevent users without access from seeing the parent requisition will still be in place.

Note: This change only impacts child requisitions (related requisitions) where the applicant is allowed to apply for multiple requisitions related to the parent during a single application experience. This type of related requisition is similar to standard related requisitions in that it is related to the parent requisition. However, for this type of related requisition, applicants select multiple jobs to which they would like to apply, and then complete the application process one time for all of the selected jobs. Once completed, the application is tied to all related requisitions to which the applicant applied. Parent requisitions for this type of related requisition will display with the following icon on the Manage Requisitions page: .

How Does This Enhancement Benefit My Organization?

Recruiting clients who use child requisitions and who engage in high volume recruiting should see faster Applicant Profile load times.


This feature is available for all portals using Recruiting.