Learning Details Preferences - Price and Training Units

The relocated Price and Training Units setting is now available in the Page Display tab of the Learning Details Preferences page.

To configure Learning Details Preferences, go to: Admin > Tools > Learning > Learning Preferences and click the Learning Details Preferences link. These preferences are set by division, so choose a division for which to configure preferences.

Price and Training Units

To allow prices and training unit prices to display for training items on the Learning Details page (both the legacy and new version), toggle the Price and Training Units switch in the Learning Object Metadata Visibility section of the Page Display tab to the On position. When the Price and Training Units option is enabled, a sub-option becomes available:

  • Toggle the Only Display when Value is Greater than Zero switch to the On position if you only want prices to display for training on the Learning Details page if the price is greater than zero. If this option is not enabled, a price of 0 will display for training items with no cost. Note: This setting does not apply to pricing display on the Browse for Training page.

Note: Both these options are enabled by default, meaning that by default, prices will display for all training items with a price of more than zero.

To save any changes made to the Learning Details Preferences page, click the Save Changes button.

For more information about Learning Details Preferences: See Learning Details Preferences.