Deprecation of Legacy Learning Details Page with the February '21 Release

In 2019, a redesigned Learning Details page was made available as an Early Adopter project, and has continued to evolve toward feature parity with the legacy version of the Learning Details page. With the February 2021 release, the legacy version of the Learning Details page, previously referred to as "Training Details" or "LO Details," will be deprecated for training types which are supported by the redesigned Learning Details page, including:

  • Curricula
  • External Content
  • Materials
  • Online Courses
  • Tests
  • Videos
  • Events & Sessions

During the October 2020 release, administrators can still opt out of using the new page in their learning portals and continue to use the legacy page, but with the February 2021 release, this option will be removed and all portals will be automatically upgraded to the new Learning Details page for all supported training types. Portals using a customized version of the legacy Learning Details page will be impacted by this enhancement, but the redesigned Learning Details page can be customized in the same way.

For more information about the new Learning Details page: See Learning Details Page .

Starter Guide

Click here to download the Learning Details Redesign Starter Guide.


The legacy Learning Details page will no longer be supported or enhanced for the training types supported by the new Learning Details page.

The legacy Learning Details page will continue to be supported for the following training types:

  • Certifications
  • Cohorts
  • Programs
  • Postings