Remote Work Essentials Subscription Refresh

As more people work remotely in response to the spread of COVID-19, help your people adjust and manage their overall well-being, no matter where they’re working. With the Remote Work Essentials content subscription, guarantee your people have the right skills to be productive while working remotely. Courses include remote work best practices, communication tools, mental health, productivity, leadership during times of change, and more.

Remote Work Essentials subscribers will automatically receive the subscription refresh at the October ’20 Release with the following additions:

  • New topic:
    • CyberU Wellness Courses: Learn everyday yoga and meditative activities that you can easily do in the office.
  • New Grovo Originals Content:
    • Returning to Work Part 2: As we learn the latest on COVID-19 and more workplaces begin to open, employees and organizations need information on safe practices for returning to work. Learn how to create safer meetings, keep your distance from others, and monitoring your own health with this new series from Grovo.
    • Remote Work Updates: What happens when working from home is not a flexible option for employees, but rather a necessity due to office closures? Grovo addresses the expectation and needs of working from home when the situation necessitates it with this update to their remote work courses.
  • New Courses:
    • English: CyberU, iAMLearning, Grovo, TED Talks
    • German: TED Talks, Pink University
    • French: TED Talks
    • Spanish: TED Talks

    Not available in Stage.