Leadership and Management Subscription Refresh

Create stronger managers across your organization with leadership and management training focused on motivating and engaging employees in the modern workplace. With this subscription, teach managers how to unite their employees around a shared vision, make high stakes decisions in the moment, cultivate a positive, outcome-oriented culture, and develop the systems needed to effectively manage team priorities.

Leadership & Management subscribers will automatically receive the subscription refresh at the October ’20 Release with the following additions:

  • New topics:
    • TED Ideas into Action: Leading at All Levels
  • New CSOD Originals Content:
    • Empowering Minds with Liggy Webb: A nanocoaching series for leaders and managers who want to empower their teams to become more resilient, curious, flexible, creative, and kind (what Liggy calls ‘Mindfit’). Liggy motivates and inspires learners to prepare their teams for the unprecedented challenges they face in a rapidly changing world.
  • New Grovo Content:
    • Made for Now Sponsorship: Made for Now is a new series from Grovo. Sponsorship is a way to be a workplace ally. It's a set of actions that you can take to help other people advance in their careers. Through Grovo's Sponsorship courses, you’ll learn how you can invest your influence in others and have a major impact right now.
  • New Courses:
    • English: BizLibrary, Cornerstone Originals, CyberU, ej4, Grovo, TED Talks
    • German: TED Talks, MyBreev, Pink University
    • French: TED Talks
    • Spanish: TED Talks

Not available in Stage.