Create a Session - Enable QR Codes

Via the web version of the Cornerstone portal, session creators can enable QR code attendance tracking and QR code activation time during the session creation process.

To configure QR code settings for a session, go to: ILT > MANAGE EVENTS & SESSIONS. Search for the event and in the Options column next to the event, click the View Sessions icon. To create a new session, click the Create New Session link. Navigate through the process to the Details step.

QR Code

In the QR Code section of the Details step of the session creation process, the following QR code configuration options are available to the administrator:

  • Enable QR Code - To enable QR code functionality for the session part, select the Yes option for the Enable QR Code field. If QR codes should not be activated for the session, leave the No option selected.
  • Activation Time - Configure the activation time for QR codes generated for the session part. The activation can be a specified number of hours or minutes before or after the session part starts or begins. The QR code begins to be scannable at the defined activation time, either before or after a session part starts or ends. Example: Activation time is set to 2 hours before a session part starts. The session part begins at 10am. This means a user or instructor can scan QR codes beginning at 8am.

Email Tag for QR Codes

When QR code functionality is available for a session, a new SCHEDULES.DETAILS email tag is available when configuring session emails. The SCHEDULES.DETAILS email tag can be used in the following email types:

  • Session Changed
  • Session Start Date
  • ILT Session Becomes Available