Cornerstone Learn - Training Push Notifications

With this enhancement, five training push notifications have been enabled for both the Android and iOS versions of the Cornerstone Learn app, along with deeplinking capabilities which take the user to the relevant application area upon tapping the notification banner. The following push notifications are included in this enhancement:

  • Training is Assigned
  • Training is Due
  • Training is Approved
  • Training is Denied
  • Training is Requested (Note: This push notification is sent to the training approver for training that has been requested and requires approval.)

These notifications were available for the legacy Cornerstone Mobile app but were not yet available for the new Cornerstone Learn app.

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The following considerations apply to this functionality:

  • Android users will be opted into push notifications by default. This is an Android device standard.
  • iOS users will be prompted to opt in to receive push notifications from the Learn App after their initial app login following the May release.
    • If users do not opt-in, they will not receive push notifications and they will not be prompted to opt-in again. These users can, however, navigate to their iOS device settings and enable notifications from there.


This functionality is automatically available to both Android and iOS users of the Cornerstone Learn app. If the apps on a user's device are configured to auto-update, no action is required from the user in order to receive this functionality. If the apps on a user's device are not configured to auto-update, the user must download the latest version of the app from either the Apple store or the Google Play store.