Skills Profile - Add Skill

The Skills Profile page enables users to view and manage skills they have, skills they want to develop, and skills they do not want to develop.

Important: The Capabilities and Skills Profile functionality is currently in an Open Beta status. As a result, the functionality is evolving weekly, and this documentation may become out of date or incomplete. The next scheduled update of this documentation is scheduled for the February 2021 release. For feature updates and the most up-to-date documentation, please visit the Capabilities Beta community in the Cornerstone Success Center.

Users can add skills to any of the sections by selecting the Add Skill icon in the upper-right corner of the appropriate section. This opens the Manage Skills flyout.

To select a skill, you may select one of the listed skills or search for a skill that is not listed. When you select a skill, it is displayed below the search field. You may remove a skill by selecting the X next to the skill.

After selecting one or more skills, select the Add button. The selected skills are added to your Skills Profile.