Check-Ins Topic Management Enhancement

Prior to this enhancement, when adding or removing topics, users selected the Manage Topic button on the meetings and topics page or the Manage Topics drop-down. Using these options did not make it clear that changes to topics applied to all current and previous meetings in that Check-In series, even though the change did not apply to past meetings.

With this enhancement, the Manage Topic options are no longer available. Users can now manage topics via the Manage Topics settings page, which clarifies that adding or editing topics applies to the whole Check-Ins series, not just an individual meeting.

To view the Manage Topics settings page, go to your home page and click the appropriate check-in. Select the vertical ellipses at the top right, select Check-Ins Settings, and then select the Manage Topics tab.

Starter Guide/Adoption Kit


This feature is available to clients who purchased the Performance or Career suites and is already using Check-Ins.


The following existing permission applies to this functionality:

Check-Ins - Create Grants ability for the user to create and update Check-Ins. The permission constraints determine with whom the user can create Check-In discussions. This permission can be constrained by OU, User's OU, User Self and Subordinates, User, User's Subordinates, User's Direct Reports, User's Self, User's Manager, User's Superiors, and Employee Relationship. Users who have constraints in the “Check-Ins - Create” permission cannot create a new Check-In with anyone who doesn’t belong to the constraints. However, they will still be able to view and update any Check-In that they are a participant of. This is an end user permission. Performance