Engage Lite Availability Removed on December 31

Engage Lite was made available to our customers as a free offering until December 31, 2020 to assist organizations connecting with and understanding employees' mental health and stress levels during a crisis. For customers that created campaigns, the results will remain but access to create and launch new surveys is removed at the end of the year. If you’re interested in continuing to use Engage, please reach out to your Sales/Account Manager for more information.

In addition, the information below is also available in a Knowledge article.

Customer Support Central URL: https://csod-external.force.com/supportcentral/s/article/Engage-Lite-Availability-Removed-on-December-31-2020

What does "no longer available" mean?

Customers are no longer able to create and launch new surveys after December 31, but can view results from previous surveys. Full Engage customers are not affected and will not require any customer action.

What will happen to client’s data?

Customers can still access previous campaign data through dashboards and reporting, indefinitely.

Do clients have to do anything?

We don’t expect any action needed for clients who don’t currently have a campaign in flight.