Reporting 2.0 - Usability Enhancements

The August '20 release includes smaller enhancements that are intended to improve the user experience for Reporting 2.0.

This functionality is available in Stage portals on 15 July 2020 and in Production and Pilot portals on 17 July 2020.

Increased Email Delivery Recipients

Prior to this enhancement, reports could be delivered to up to 10 recipients.

With this enhancement, reports can be delivered to up to 20 recipients.

Increased Row Limit for FTP Delivery

Prior to this enhancement, reports of up to 200,000 records could be delivered to an FTP folder. This limit prevents larger reports in Custom Reports to be migrated to Reporting 2.0.

With this enhancement, the row limit is increased to 1,000,000 in Reporting 2.0 when delivering to an FTP. This limit is also increased for delivery to CSV, TXT PIPE, and TXT TAB so that equivalent row limits are matched between Custom Reports and Reporting 2.0.

Option to Remove Header Rows from Exports

A Hide Report Header option is added to the Report Properties panel. When this option is toggled on, the header rows that usually appear at the top of a report are not included when the report is exported.

The header rows on exported reports contain the following information:

  • Report Title
  • Report Generated By
  • Report Date/Time
  • Record Count
  • Record Count Limit

Queue Report Enhancement

Prior to this enhancement, only one queued report was listed in the "Queue exports for [Report Name}" pop-up when queuing reports to be downloaded in a CSV file.

With this enhancement, the last three queued reports are now listed in the pop-up. This makes it quicker and easier to access to your queued reports.

Note: The "Queue exports" pop-up is accessed by clicking the "Queue your report to be downloaded in a CSV file" icon for the report on the Reporting 2.0 homepage or by clicking the "Your report is ready to be downloaded" icon for the queued report.