Reporting 2.0 - Dual Report Types - Overview

Prior to this enhancement, fields from more than one report type could not be included in a report in Reporting 2.0.

With this enhancement, dual reports can now be created for certain report types. Dual reports are similar to multi-module reports in Custom Reports, allowing you to build a report that includes fields from two different report types.

Dual report types are user centric and combine data from the differing tables through an “inner join,” which means that a row in the report is created for each user that meets the report conditions and has data in both of the two tables. For example, a Transcript and Performance Reviews report type would show every record in which a user is associated with both a transcript record and a performance review task. Any user that did not have a transcript record and a performance review task would not be included.

As part of the August '20 release, the following dual report types can be created:

  • Performance Reviews and Compensation
  • Recruiting and Onboarding
  • Transcript and Performance Reviews


This functionality is available in Stage portals on 21 July 2020.

This functionality is available in Production and Pilot portals on 7 August 2020.


To have the ability to create a dual report, users must have all of the Core - User permissions and at least one permission for both report types.


For more information about Reporting 2.0 permissions, see the following:

  • Permissions in Reporting 2.0 - This provides detailed information about Reporting 2.0 permissions.
  • Permissions List - This provides the list of permissions and their relationships so that you know the specific permissions users need to create and view reports.