Deprecation of Manage Applicants with the February '21 Release

Note: This deprecation was first announced in the May '20 release.

As announced in the May '20 release, in Stage environments, when the Applicants count is selected from all applicable pages, which includes Manage Requisitions, Hiring Dashboard, and Review Applicants, users will be redirected to a filtered view of the Manage Candidates page specific to the relevant requisition instead of Manage Applicants.

With the February ’21 release:

  • The Manage Applicants page will be deprecated and will be removed in all environments.
  • The redirects to Manage Candidates instead of Manage Applicants will be automatically enabled in Production and Pilot environments.
  • Defects related to Manage Applicants will no longer be supported.

Manage Candidates is a one-stop-shop for recruiters to effectively and efficiently manage candidates throughout the hiring process. Manage Candidates provides a modern UI (user interface) and additional actions and details available to recruiters that Manage Applicants doesn't. This change provides a better user experience by centralizing all the essential actions recruiters need to take from one page, rather than navigating to multiple pages.

Click here to download the Manage Applicants Deprecation guide.

Click here to download the Manage Candidates starter guide.

Click here to access the Manage Candidates Adoption Kit.