Manage Candidates Applicant Carousel UI Enhancements

Prior to this enhancement, the information on the applicant carousel appeared as a page with headers to separate each part of the applicant's information.

With this enhancement, the following user interface (UI) updates are made to the applicant carousel:

  • Each part of the applicant carousel now appears in sections.
  • An Interview section is added to display the details of live video or on-demand video interviews and include an option to view the interview on the video interview vendor’s website.
  • Navigational buttons are added to provide quick access to the sections.
  • While the page is loading, an outline of the navigational buttons appears until the content is loaded.

Note: The Interview section only displays live video and on-demand video interviews. The section does not display other types of interviews, such as in-person or phone.

For more information about live video and on-demand video interviews as part of the August '2020 release, see the following in Online Help:


The following features are not available at the start of user acceptance testing (UAT) but will be available at a later date during UAT:

  • Separating the content into sections and the addition of navigational buttons will be implemented on 21 July 2020.
  • The outline of the navigational buttons that appears while the page loads will be implemented on 23 July 2020.