Simplified Access to Succession PowerPoint Templates

Prior to this enhancement, to use the SMP PowerPoint Template Report standard report, users had to upload a template file each time they used the report. For some organizations, this meant storing multiple copies of multiple templates on workstations or shared drives throughout the company. This can be time consuming as templates needed to be updated or replaced over time. Also, the template file itself is fairly technical in nature and can be difficult to format with tag placeholders that must be input correctly so they can be read by the system.

With this release, administrators can upload templates to a centralized location on the PowerPoint Report Preferences page. Then, users can select templates from a drop-down located inside the SMP PowerPoint Template standard report page.

Note: The PowerPoint Preferences page was previously named "PowerPoint Tags". See PowerPoint Tags Page Renamed to PowerPoint Report Preferences .

Note: The option to upload a template is still available on the standard report page to support your organization's unique reporting needs.

To open the administrator view, go to Admin > Tools > Succession Management > PowerPoint Report Preferences.

To open the end-user view, go to Reports > Standard Reports > Succession > SMP PowerPoint Template Report > Select an Existing Template.

How Does This Enhancement Benefit My Organization?

Admins can now centrally create templates and offer them to users of the report. Users can simply choose from templates offered by the administrator. The manager doesn't need to store a file or worry about any updates to the template.


  • Templates are displayed as file names in the drop-down menu. It is recommended that template names be descriptive so that end users can easily identify the appropriate template.
  • Uploading a template that has the same name as a currently uploaded template, will overwrite the existing template.
  • There is no metadata on the centrally loaded templates.
  • Anyone with access to the SMP PowerPoint Template Report standard report can view and access all the templates in the drop-down.
  • If there are no centrally uploaded templates, the template drop-down does not appear.


This feature is on by default for Succession clients who use the SMP PowerPoint Template.


The following existing permissions apply to this functionality:

SMP PowerPoint Template Report Grants ability to create custom PowerPoint templates with which to report on incumbents for an SMP task. This permission can be constrained by OU, User's OU, User Self and Subordinates, and User. This is an administrator permission. Reports - Talent/Succession
SMP PowerPoint Tag Management

With the August '20 release, this permission will be renamed to "SMP PowerPoint Report Preferences."

Enables administrators to manage tags for specific fields for use in the SMP PowerPoint Template report. This is an administrator permission. Talent/Succession - Administration