Logic Change to Reassignment Logic

Prior to this enhancement, users who had completed any version of a training item included in a dynamic learning assignment would be omitted from reassignment upon exiting and returning to the criteria, even if the following conditions were met:

  • Dynamic Removal was enabled for the assignment
  • Dynamic Reassignment was enabled for the assignment
  • The Re-assigned Latest Version option was enabled for the assignment

This previous assignment logic had potential to cause compliance issues.

With this enhancement, even if a user had previously completed a version of the training from a past dynamic learning assignment, they will be included in the consideration for re-assignment if they re-enter the criteria in the future

In the future, the following conditions must be met by the dynamic learning assignment in order for the user to receive the previously completed training from the assignment when the user re-enters the assignment criteria:

  • Dynamic Removal is enabled for the assignment
  • Dynamic Reassignment is enabled for the assignment
  • The Re-assigned Latest Version option is enabled for the assignment

Use Case

Uzair, a learning administrator, creates a dynamic learning assignment for version 1 of a course called "Security 101."

Ian, a learner, is included in the initial assignment and completes version 1 of the training. Later, Ian moves to a different department and no longer meets the criteria of the assignment. Some time after, Ian re-enters the criteria of the assignment, but while he was not included in the criteria, "Security 101" was versioned to version 2. . Upon re-entering the criteria of the dynamic learning assignment, Ian is assigned version 2 and will be required to complete the new version. This helps Ian and his organization maintain compliance without need for administrator intervention.


This logic change impacts both new and existing learning assignments. However, existing learning assignments are only impacted when they process again after this enhancement is applied to portals.