Learning Details Redesign - Auto-Enabled

With the August ’20 Release, Learning Details Redesign will reach General Availability. All portals will have it enabled by default for all training types supported by the Learning Details Redesign:

  • Curricula
  • Events and Sessions
  • External Content
  • Materials
  • Online Courses
  • Tests
  • Videos

After the August ‘20 Release, organizations can still opt out of the new page by disabling it via Learning Details Preferences and continue using the legacy page until it is deprecated with the October ’20 Release. However, all organizations are encouraged to begin using the redesigned Learning Details page ahead of the October ’20 Release deprecation. The redesigned Learning Details page provides a more user-friendly and mobile-responsive design to make training more engaging for learners.

Starter Guide

Click here to download the Learning Details Redesign Starter Guide.