Learning Details Redesign - Overview

In 2019, a redesigned Learning Details page was released as an Early Adopter enhancement. With the August 2020 release, the Learning Details page is no longer in an Early Adopter status, and the following additional enhancements have been made to this feature:

  • Enhanced curriculum structure display (available with the July 17 patch)
  • Custom thumbnail image configuration and display (available with the August '20 Release)
  • The View Prerequisite action navigates learners to the Learning Details page (available with the August '20 Release)
  • Objectives display for events and sessions (available with the August '20 Release)
  • Learning Details Preferences allow administrators to control metadata and section visibility (Available in Stage on July 15th and available in Production with the Sept 11 patch)
  • The Price and Training Units visibility setting has been moved from the Content Requesting Preferences page to the new Page Display section of the Learning Details Preferences page (Available in Stage on July 15th and available in Production with the Sept 11 patch). See Price Visible Preference Moved to Learning Details Preferences.
  • Improved transcript messaging (available in Stage during the second week of UAT and in Production with the Aug 7 release)

Starter Guide

Click here to download the Learning Details Redesign Starter Guide.


The redesigned Learning Details page is only available for the following training types:

  • Curricula
  • Events and Sessions
  • External Content
  • Materials
  • Online Content
  • Online Courses
  • Tests
  • Videos

The following training types are NOT currently scheduled to be updated to the new Learning Details page design:

  • Certification
  • Cohort
  • Forms
  • Libraries
  • Observation Checklists
  • Posting
  • Quick Courses

Exclusions and Considerations

The following Learning Details exclusions apply to ALL supported training types:

  • Anonymous Browsing is not yet supported. This means that any configured self-registration workflows will continue to direct to the legacy Learning Details page
  • No training types can be added to a Training Plan via the Learning Details page
  • Badges are not supported on the Learning Details page by any training type (this does not affect Badge functionality elsewhere in the system)
  • The ability to edit or delete ratings and reviews is not supported on the Learning Details page

The following Learning Details exclusions apply to VIDEO training items only:

  • Video preview functionality is not supported

The following Learning Details considerations apply to EVENTS and SESSIONS only:

  • Session Details - Sessions no longer have a dedicated Details page. Session details are now found in the Session flyout when the View Details link is clicked for a session
  • Sessions Display - The Upcoming Sessions list for an event now displays all sessions available to the user
  • View Full Calendar link - This link, which is available for the legacy Event Details page, is NOT available when viewing the new Learning Details page for an event
  • Add to Waitlist - Users are no longer prompted with a pop-up to confirm whether they want to be added to the waitlist. Instead, they can access a Add to Waitlist link, which if clicked, immediately places them on the waitlist and redirects them to their transcript page


The Learning Details page can be enabled via self-service in any portal using the Learning module, for supported training types. The new Learning Details page can be enabled via a new preferences page by an administrator with permission to configure these preferences. With the Aug 2020 release, all portals will have the new Learning Details page enabled by default for all training types supported by the Learning Details Redesign

During the August 2020 release, administrators can opt out of using this new page in their learning portals by disabling it for supported training types via the Learning Details Preferences page, but with the October 2020 release, this option will be removed and all portals will be automatically upgraded to the new Learning Details page for all supported training types. Portals using a customized version of the legacy Learning Details page will be impacted by this enhancement, but the redesigned Learning Details page can be customized in the same way.


The following existing permissions apply to this functionality:

Learning Details Preferences Grants ability to manage Learning Details preferences via the Learning Details Preferences page. This is an administrator permission. Learning - Administration
View Transcript Item Grants ability to view details of learning objects that appear on the transcript (training record), by clicking on the name of the learning object. Users must also have the Bio About - View permission in order to access the transcript within Universal Profile. This permission can be constrained by OU, User's OU, User Self and Subordinates, User, or User's Self. This is an end user permission. Learning - Administration