Assessment Player

Using the open beta of the Assessment Player, administrators can experience the assessment-taking process from the perspective of an end user. This functionality is NOT yet available for end users.

To test the experience of an assessment, go to: Admin > Tools > Learning > Catalog Management and click the Learning Assessments BETA link. Find the assessment you want to take and click the Launch link next to it.

Intro Page

The end user assessment-taking experience starts with an intro page, which provides the user with important information about the assessment. The following information is included in the intro:

  • Assessment Name - This name of the assessment displays at the top of the page.
  • General Instructions - This section contains general instructions for completing assessments in the system. These instructions are system-generated and are not editable by the administrator.
  • Total Attempts - This field displays how many times the user is allowed to attempt the assessment.
  • Total Entries - This field displays the number of times the user is allowed to launch each assessment attempt.
  • Total Time - This field displays the amount of time the user is allowed to take for each assessment attempt. Note: At this time, Unlimited is the only possibly value for this field, as time limits are not yet supported.
  • Total Questions - This field displays the number of questions contained in the assessment.
  • Assessment Instructions - This section displays instructions for the specific assessment. These instructions are provided by the administrator when creating the assessment, and the administrator can edit these instructions by editing the assessment from the Assessments Home page. If the administrator does not provide instructions when creating an assessment, this section does not display in the end user view of the assessment.
  • Attempts Remaining - This field displays the number of times the user can submit an assessment for grading. If the user only has one remaining attempt, an alert displays to the user.
  • Entries Remaining - This field displays the number of times a user can view an assessment before they are required to submit it. The number of entries allowed is applied to each attempt. If the user only has one remaining entry, an alert displays to the user.
  • Time Remaining - This field displays the amount of time the user has remaining to complete their current assessment attempt. As of the Aug 2020 release, this field will always display as Unlimited, as time limits are not currently supported by Learning Assessments functionality.
  • Questions Remaining - This field displays the remaining number of questions the user still has to answer.

A Start Assessment button displays at the bottom of the page if the user has not yet started the assessment. When the user is ready to begin, they can click the Start Assessment button.

If the user has already started the assessment but left and is now returning to it, a Continue Assessment button displays instead.

Assessment Process

After the user has started the assessment, the user can begin responding to questions within the assessment. The assessment page is organized into three areas:

  • Assessment header
  • Question Area

Assessment Header

The header of the assessment contains the following features:

  • Assessment name
  • Save and Exit - This button allows the user to save their work and exit the assessment. If they have time and entries remaining, they can re-enter the assessment and complete it later. If the user only has one attempt left, the button displays as Exit. This button is only available if configured for the assessment by an administrator.

Question Area

In the main area of the screen, the questions of the assessment display. Each page of the assessment represents one section, and only questions included in the section display on the page. For each section, the following features display on the page:

  • Section name - This field only displays if the administrator provided a name for the section when creating the assessment.
  • Section number
  • Section description
  • Questions - All the questions contained within the section display on the page. Each question tile includes the following:
  • Question number
  • Question text
  • Question responses - Select the answer you believe to be correct from the choices, or enter a text response if the question is the Text Only type. Currently supported question types include:
    • Multiple Choice Multiple Answer
    • Multiple Choice Single Answer
    • Yes/No
    • True/False
    • Text Only
  • Flag - To flag a question so you can easily identify it later, click the flag icon. When a question is flagged, the flag becomes dark and the question tile is highlighted in yellow. You can unflag a question by clicking it again.

To advance to the next assessment section, click the Next button at the bottom of the page. The user can click the Previous button to return to previous sections of the assessment, if available. If the assessment is only comprised of one section or the user is on the final section of the assessment, a Submit button displays instead.


When you have answered all the assessment questions and are ready to submit the assessment, click the Submit button. A confirmation pop-up appears, asking if you are sure you want to submit the assessment. To cancel the submission and return to the assessment, click the Cancel button or the X icon in the upper-right corner of the page. To finalize your attempt and submit the assessment, click the Submit button.


After the user submits the assessment, their assessment attempt is scored. The Results modal displays the following information to the user:

  • Pass/Fail header - A message of congratulations displays if the user passed the assessment. If the user did not pass, a message saying, "You didn't quite make it, but you're still awesome" displays. Note: This text is not currently configurable.
  • Assessment name - The name of the assessment displays.
  • Pass value - This field displays a value of Yes if the user passed, and it displays a value of No if the user did not pass.
  • Score - This field displays the user's score percentage.
  • Correct Answers - This field displays the number of questions the user answered correctly.
  • Assessments Home - Click this button to navigate to the Assessments Home page.
  • Review - You can click this button to view the assessment questions, the selections you made or text you provided, whether you answered the question correctly, and the correct answer. At this time, administrators with permission to manage the Test Engine will have access to a review link and will see all of this information. Review-level controls will be implemented in a future release. See Assessment Review.

The results of assessment attempts are recorded and available to administrators on the Attempts Review page. See Attempts Review.