Session Start Date Email - Withdraw Link Tag

The WITHDRAW.SESSION.LINK email tag can be added to Session Start Date emails via Email Administration. The Session Start Date email acts as a reminder email sent to learners for the upcoming sessions.

To add a tag to a Session Start Date email, go to: ADMIN > TOOLS > CORE FUNCTIONS > EMAIL MANAGEMENT. Search for the Session Start Date action and click the Add Email icon next to the action.

Add Tag to Email

To add a session withdrawal link to an email, add the WITHDRAW.SESSION.LINK to the message. Save the email after configurations are complete. When learners receive this email, they will see a link instead of a tag. Clicking this link navigates them to the Cancel Registration page for the selected event. The learner must select a reason for withdrawal and then submit the withdrawal on this page. Note: This tag is only available when Registered Students is selected as the recipient for the Session Start Date email.

Note: This link is SSO-enabled, but can also be used by organizations that do not use SSO.