Session Sign-In By Part

Prior to this enhancement, the default instructor-led training (ILT) roster sign-in sheet did not include a separate space for users to sign in to individual parts of a session. A user could only sign in to the parent session.

With this enhancement, a new version of the sign-in sheet for ILT sessions provides signature columns for every session part. This allows session attendees to provide their signature for each session part they attend. With the Aug 7 2020 release, administrators can choose whether to use the old version of the sign-in sheet or the new version with signature columns for every session part. Both links, Print Sign-In Sheet and the new Print Multi-Part Sign-In Sheet, are available on the Roster page when the number of parts in a session is greater than one.


This functionality is automatically enabled for all portals using the Learning module.


The following existing permissions apply to this functionality:

Roster - Manage Grants ability to manage instructor led training session rosters, including updating attendance, and marking the ILT session complete to update student transcripts. A variety of other features are available depending upon additional roster permissions. This permission works in conjunction with Events - View, Sessions - View, and Roster - View permissions. This permission can be constrained by Instructor, User as Instructor, ILT Provider, and User's ILT Provider. This is an administrator permission. Learning - Administration