Professional Skills Subscription Refresh

Build stronger communicators, strategic thinkers, and higher functioning teams across the organization with professional skills content focused on the business savvy skills that every employee needs. With this subscription teach employees how to communicate effectively—both internally and with customers—work well in teams, stay productive, and manage their own career development.

Professional Skills subscribers will automatically receive the subscription refresh at the August ’20 Release with the following additions:

  • Returning to Work: COVID-19 has upended the expectation of working in a traditional office environment by forcing millions of employees to work from home. But what should employees and employers expect when they return to work? Our latest content additions from Grovo, CyberU, UL, and BizLibrary provide a primer on the “new normal” in the workplace and the precautions offices will need to implement in order to ensure that workers can return to a safe and healthy environment. Employees will also have the opportunity to learn about methods to deal with the anxiety of returning to work following a pandemic.
  • New Grovo Content:
    • Microlearning Sequences: For the first time, we’re offering learners the chance to run through an entire curriculum of courses from Grovo by launching a single course. Our new Microlearning Sequences include “Building Productive Habits,” “Thriving in a Remote Environment,” and “Developing Grit and Resilience.”
    • Complexity Management: a new series from Grovo aims to guide learners through the rigors of managing complexity in the workplace. Learners begin by learning about the common attributes and benefits of complexity management and eventually learn rules and tactics to better handle complex situations.
  • New Courses:
    • English: Grovo, Thrive Learning, BizLibrary, UL, CyberU, iAM Learning, Kokoroe, Mind Channel, Skilla, Big Think
    • German: Skilla, Lecturio, Quofox
    • French: ASB Publish, MicroLearn, Mind Channel
    • Spanish: B-Talent