Content Delivery Optimization

Cornerstone strives to provide the best possible experience for clients. In line with that goal, we have recently upgraded our content delivery technology to help drive efficiency and consistency in our load processes. Beginning this quarter, we will use this exciting new tool to deliver updates to our clients.

Key Changes & Impact

  • Course Activation and Deactivation: Courses loaded via the new tool may not be activated or deactivated by the system administrator.
  • Content Subscription: Courses will now be associated with subscription names in the system. This change will enable administrators to surface relevant search results by subscription name.
  • Language Support: Localized courses will only be visible if the appropriate language is enabled in your portal.
  • Notification on Automatic Synchronization: A message will now be associated with all CDS-loaded courses to indicate that custom changes should not be made to a course, as they may be overwritten.

For more details, please refer to this Cornerstone Success Center posting for additional information: Content Delivery Optimization FAQ