Cornerstone Learn - Apple Human Interface Guidelines UI Enhancements (iOS)

Key design principles from Apple's Human Interface Guidelines (HIG) have been applied to enhance the user experience and modernize the Learn app for iOS users. With the June 5 2020 patch, Cornerstone enabled the following:

  • Apple's built-in system fonts
  • Dynamic type sizes
  • Multi-tasking functionality for iPad users
  • iOS standard navigation bar
  • Replaced the navigation menu with links
  • Picture in Picture (PIP) functionality (available with the July 17th patch)
  • The text size of the Training Description web view has been scaled up to increase legibility (available with the Aug 2020 release)

Starter Guide

Click here for the Cornerstone Learn for iOS Starter Guide!


These enhancements are enabled by default for the iOS version of the Learn app after users upgrade to the latest version of the app from the Apple App Store.