Content Anytime - Playlists Uploaded to Course Catalog

If playlists are included in a purchased Content Anytime subscription, they are automatically uploaded to the Course Catalog of the learning management system (LMS). Administrators can view information about the playlists and manage the visibility of playlists included in a Content Anytime subscription from the Course Catalog page or the Course Console page.

  • To access the Course Catalog, go to Admin > Tools > Learning > Catalog Management > Course Catalog.
  • To access the Course Console, go to Admin > Tools > Learning > Catalog management > course catalog and then search for a specific playlist using the Search the Catalog field. After you have found the playlists for which you want to view the Course Console page, click on the playlists's title. This navigates you to the Course Console page for that playlist.

Playlist Metadata

The following metadata is uploaded to the Course Catalog and Course Console pages for playlists included in a Content Anytime subscription:

  • Title - This is the name of the playlist.
  • Description - This is the description of the playlist.
  • Provider - The provider is the Corp provider.
  • Bundle - This is the subscription with which the playlist is associated.
  • Available Languages - If the language of the playlist is not supported by the portal, the playlist is not uploaded.
  • Private toggle - This toggle is set to the OFF position by default. If the playlist is made private, it is not available to users. Administrators can set the playlist to Private or Public using this toggle.
  • Mobile - The Mobile setting specifies whether the training is supported for mobile devices. All Content Anytime content is supported for mobile consumption.
  • Availability - Availability settings determine which users the training is available to. Users must be included within the availability of the playlist in order to access it in the system. Availability is configured by the administrator.

Note: Manual changes made to a playlist added via a Content Anytime subscription by an administrator may be overwritten once an automatic synchronization of the subscription occurs.

This notification will be visible in the Catalog view of Playlist, at the top of the screen (light blue banner).


If one or more of the courses included in a playlist do not exist in the portal, the playlist remains in a Pending status until all courses are available. Once all courses are available in the portal, the playlist is updated with these courses and made available to the portal.