Improve Accessibility in Create Tool

With the Aug 2020 release, the ability to upload closed captioning files and attach alt text to images has been added to the Create Tool. These features will help ensure that content created using the Create Tool maintains 508/WCAG compliance. Uploading closed captioning or subtitles in a .vtt file format is supported on card types that allow video and audio assets in the Create Tool. Closed captioning displays to learners when they play the course.

An additional field for inputting alt-text has been added to the Create Tool sidebar for all card types that allow image uploads. For all images with alt text, vision-impaired learners that navigate courses using assistive technology will be able to consume the content.

This enhancement is not available during UAT.

Starter Guide

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The following exclusions apply to this enhancement:

  • This enhancement does not include auto-generation of closed captioning.
  • This enhancement does not include an interface for timing the closed captioning files.


This functionality is automatically available in all portals using the Create Tool.


The following existing permission applies to this functionality:

Create Tool Grants access to Create Tool for content authoring. This permission cannot be constrained. Learning - Administration