jQuery Library Upgrade

With this release, production environments are being auto-upgraded from jQuery 1.7 to jQuery 3.4. Stage and pilot environments were previously upgraded with the May '20 Release.

If an organization is ready to self-upgrade prior to August, they have the option to do so in Production. A toggle is available on the jQuery Validation Tool page. See jQuery Validation Tool.

Cornerstone's upgrade of its jQuery library only updates standard core pages of the application. Custom code that organizations have utilized will not be upgraded by Cornerstone as a result of this effort and therefore may contain vulnerabilities and errors produced by older versions of jQuery.

If you have custom developed pages or core areas utilizing custom code inserted via header and footers, you should use the jQuery validation tool, introduced in the October '19 Release, to generate a report of potential jQuery errors that need to be addressed. If these errors are not addressed prior to the August '20 Release for production environments, pages utilizing the custom code will not work as expected.

Please note, the jQuery tool is only a helpful guideline - it is not guaranteed to detect 100% of all outdated custom jQuery. It is strongly recommended that in addition to utilizing the tool, organizations review all custom code for any other outdated jQuery prior to the August '20 Release for production environments.

Following the jQuery Library 3.4 upgrade, users on an unsupported browser or operating system will not be able to navigate Cornerstone. Please see Cornerstone’s General Minimum Requirements for a full list of supported browsers. See General Minimum Requirements.

We urge clients to test the jQuery Library 3.4 upgrade in stage and pilot to assess its impact. Following your testing, we strongly encourage you to consider upgrading in production prior to August ‘20 Release as this upgrade improves the overall security of your portal.

Rollout Schedule

  • Stage:
    • April 15: jQuery Library 3.4 enabled
    • April 23: Toggle to revert back to jQuery Library 1.7
  • Pilot
    • May 8 (May ’20 Release): jQuery Library 3.4 enabled with toggle to revert back to jQuery Library 1.7
  • Production
    • May 8 (May ’20 Release): Toggle to upgrade to jQuery Library 3.4
    • August 7 (August ’20 Release): jQuery Library 3.4 enabled

jQuery Validation Tool

See jQuery Validation Tool.


Listed are helpful links for developers updating the jQuery in your custom development


  • jQuery - A JavaScript library designed to simplify HTML Document Object Model (DOM) tree traversal and manipulation, as well as event handling, CSS animation, and Ajax.


The following existing permission applies to this functionality:

jQuery Validation Tool - Manage Grants ability to access and run the jQuery Validation Tool. This permission cannot be constrained. This is an administrator permission. Core Administration