Edge Import - Learning Load Enhancements

This functionality was released as part of the 26 June 2020 patch.

Instructor Load Enhancement

Prior to this enhancement, organizations could not easily associate an instructor with multiple providers or vendors. To achieve this, organizations were required to create one file per instructor/vendor association, which also required multiple load attempts.

With this enhancement, organizations can now have an instructor associated with multiple providers or vendors in a single instructor load file. This is achieved by listing multiple providers or vendors separated by a semicolon.

Online Course and Online Course Transcript Load Enhancement

With this enhancement, the Online Course and the Online Course Transcript loads are enhanced to support xAPI courses.

  • The Online Course load is enhanced to allow organizations to update the metadata of xAPI courses that already exist in the portal.
  • The Online Course Transcript load is enhanced to allow organizations to import transcript updates for xAPI courses.
  • The Online Course Transcript Custom Field load is enhanced to accept xAPI course ID/LOIDs.

SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004, and AICC courses continue to be supported by these load types.

Starter Guide

Click here to download the Edge Import - Historical LMS Starter Guide.


This functionality is automatically enabled for all organizations using the Instructor, Online Course, or Online Course Transcript loads within Edge Import.