Auto-Upgrade to Development Plans Redesign with the August 2020 Release

This deprecation was first announced with the 20 May 2019 release.

Cornerstone’s legacy Development Plan module is scheduled for deprecation with the August ’20 Release. Once deprecated, access to legacy Development Plans will no longer be available in client portals and all clients remaining on the legacy Development Plans module will be automatically upgraded to the Development Plans redesigned module. The Development Plans redesign has a full set of preferences to configure the user experience by Organizational Unit.

Clients do not need to wait until the August ‘20 Release to auto-upgrade to redesigned Development Plans. Clients are encouraged to auto-upgrade to the Development Plans redesign prior to the August ’20 Release by self-activating via “Enable Redesigned Development Plans” in Corporate Preferences. See Corporate Preferences.

Note: After the August ’20 Release the Enable Redesigned Development Plans section will no longer be visible in Corporate Preferences as it will no longer be needed.

Starter Guide

Click here to download the Development Plans Auto Upgrade Starter Guide. Note: You must be logged in to the Success Center to access this guide.


  • During the auto-upgrade all preferences set in legacy plans will populate in the new preferences.
  • After the auto-upgrade, clients that need to delete a primary development plan can submit a work order through GPS.