Skills Profile (Closed Beta)

Prior to skills profiles, clients invested hundreds of hours defining and maintaining the relevant skills for each job in their organization, while employees had to manually add skills and competencies to their Universal Profile.

Cornerstone’s new AI-powered Skills Engine automatically suggests skills that employees might have based on their profile data, making it easier for employees to declare what they’re capable of, which skills they want to develop, and which they want to ignore. This enables personalized content recommendations and more meaningful career development conversations.

With Skills Profiles:

  • Clients have access to over 53,000 Cornerstone skills that they may use in their portal.
  • Cornerstone’s Skills Engine automatically associates relevant skills to each employee job title, using data collected from over 250 million profiles worldwide, across all industries and client sizes.
  • Employees can declare which skills they currently have, which skills they want to further develop, and which ones they would like to ignore. (Employees are given a jump start with automatically suggested skills they can declare.)
  • Clients can continue to use their internally-defined skills and competencies in addition to the skills from Cornerstone's Taxonomy.