Skills Integration to Check-Ins (Closed-Beta)

On average, large organizations spend $49M replacing employees that leave the company due to a lack of career development opportunities and low engagement. Research has shown that a better awareness of the skills an employee possesses can significantly contribute to a more open and effective development discussion. This provides fuel for iterative employee career growth and helps reduce employee churn by boosting engagement, motivation, and happiness.

Currently, skills are rarely documented in the Universal Profile or are only visible as part of the performance competencies. As a result, employees find it difficult to capture and share those skills. This can make development conversations less effective and unnecessarily complex. This also creates frustration for users, as 1:1s do not offer the input and positive guidance that may be needed to tailor learning opportunities to meet an employee’s specific interests.

With this integration, employees and managers will be able to use Check-Ins to access a dedicated skills panel. The panel will show the employee’s skill set based on their completed skills profile. With this information, managers and employees will find it easier to discover and discuss skills that are missing or what skills an employee may want to focus on next.

Once an employee selects a skill to develop, hyper-personalized learning is recommended to help develop those skills. These hyper-personalized learning recommendations are fueled by our AI engine and unique skills logic.

Then, participants can easily create follow-ups to track the recommended learning objects. This provides clarity on the next steps on the development journey and helps the manager hold the employee accountable as they progress.

Note: Functionality and features ultimately delivered is subject to change.