Reporting 2.0 - Usability Enhancements

The following enhancements are made to improve the user experience for Reporting 2.0 and are available as part of the 11 September 2020 patch:

Added Support for Checklist Custom Fields

Prior to this enhancement, compatibility issues between Reporting 2.0 and Custom Reports prevented the import of reports that contained Checklist custom fields.

With this enhancement, custom reports that contain Checklist custom fields can now be imported successfully.

Improved Hierarchy Formatting for Exports

The following enhancements are made to improve formatting for hierarchy exports:

  • Faster export time to speed up the report generation process
  • Improved formatting of hierarchical reports to make them easier to read and navigate

Time Value When Filtering Date/Time Fields

With this enhancement, a clock icon is added to the filter for date/time fields so that you can filter by a specific time. For example, when filtering by the date a training is due, you can select a specific time on the due date so that you can further narrow the report results.

Expand/Collapse Levels in Summarized Reports

When viewing a summary and hierarchy report in the report viewer, an Expand/Collapse option is now available so that you can expand and collapse all levels when viewing the report.

Automatically Run Report When Report Viewer Opens

Prior to this enhancement, reports ran automatically when opened in the report viewer. However, there are some scenarios in which users may prefer to configure the filters before running the report. In such cases, the user had to wait until the report finished running before being able to edit the filters and run the report again.

The Report Properties panel is updated to include an option that lets you control whether a report runs automatically when opened in the report viewer.

Full Field and Report Name Displays on Hover

Prior to this enhancement, field and report names were cut off depending on screen resolution and zooming.

With this enhancement, tooltips are added to the following areas of the report builder so that the full field and report name displays on hover:

  • Reporting 2.0 Homepage - Report name in Name column
  • Report Builder - Summary, Sort, Charts