Reporting 2.0 - General Availability

Prior to the May '20 release, Reporting 2.0 was in the "Early Adopter" phase, providing a new reporting tool for standard and custom reports in Learning, Recruiting, Performance, Succession, Compensation, and Extended Enterprise. The tool is intended to provide you with a simple and intuitive way to build and use reports. This is a powerful engine that delivers a single application for creating reports.

With the May '20 release, Reporting 2.0 is Generally Available (GA). Clients no longer need to self-enable Reporting 2.0 in their portals as it will be on by default, making it easier to take advantage of all the functionality that Reporting 2.0 provides.

Auto-enablement only applies to portals that have not enabled Reporting 2.0. Portals that have already enabled Reporting 2.0 should not be impacted by the auto-enablement.

The following are additional Reporting 2.0 enhancements for the May '20 release or are available in a post-release patch:

Click here to download the Reporting 2.0 (Early Adopter) starter guide.

Deprecation of Reporting 2.0 Early Adopter Activation Preferences

Upon implementation of this enhancement, the Reporting 2.0 Early Adopter Activation Preferences page is deprecated.

Availability of Standard and Custom Reports

Both Standard and Custom Reports will still be available upon implementation of this enhancement. See Deprecation of Custom Reports with the February '21 Release.


Upon implementation of the May '20 release, Reporting 2.0 will be enabled for all clients that did not self-enable Reporting 2.0 prior to the May '20 release.


Upon implementation of the May '20 release, the Reporting 2.0 permissions will be granted automatically to the System Administrator role in Security Roles.

End User Access Note: In order for end users to access Reporting 2.0 from the navigation link under the Reports tab, they must have at least one Reporting 2.0 "View" permission.