Application Workflow - Add Tags to Thank You Step

With this enhancement, USER.GUID and JOB.REQUISITION.ID tags can be added to the Instructions and Text sections of the Thank You step. When used in the application, the tags allow recruiters to determine where they're sourcing hired candidates by running a report to return tracking data.

Depending on the tracking pixel provider, when tags are added and sent via a tracking pixel, you may see the following and more:

  • Which pages the applicant viewed prior to applying
  • Which job ads the applicant clicked on
  • What type of device the applicant used to apply

To create an application workflow template, go to Admin > Tools > Recruit > Application Workflow Templates. Then click the Create Template link.

Add Tags

The USER.GUID and JOB.REQUISITION.ID tags can be added from the HTML or standard view of the Instructions and/or Text sections when editing the Thank You step of the application workflow. The tags may be added directly to the HTML of the tracking pixel.

For example, the following is sample HTML for a tracking pixel, showing where the tags would be placed in the HTML (the yellow highlighting is only for emphasis):

<img width="1" height="1" style="display: none;" src="https://customurlbasedontrackingpixelUSER.GUIDadditionaldetailsonURLandJOB.REQUISITION.ID=additionalURLdetails">

When candidates view the Thank You page, the tracking pixel is not visible.