Simplified Recruiter Experience in Manage Candidates - Manage Flags in Applicant Carousel

Prior to this enhancement, a Manage Flags option was available on the Manage Candidates page but was not available on the applicant carousel.

With this enhancement, you can now manage flags for one candidate at a time on the applicant carousel.

To manage flags on the applicant carousel:

  1. Navigate to Recruit > Manage Candidates.
  2. Check the box to the left of the candidate's name.
  3. Click View Resume. This opens the applicant carousel.
  4. Click Manage Flags from the options menu. This opens the Select Flags flyout.
  5. Select one or more flags from the Add Flags drop-down. Note: If there are no flags currently assigned to a candidate, then when you save the newly assigned flags, the text "No Flags Assigned" will be removed from the Flags column.
  6. Click Save.

Once you have saved the flags, they will appear on Manage Candidates, provided that the Flags column is visible.


Upon implementation, this enhancement is available for all organizations using Recruiting.

Note: As part of the May '20 release, Manage Candidates is auto-enabled in all portals that have not yet self-enabled Manage Candidates. See Manage Candidates Auto-Enabled in Production.

Click here to download the Manage Candidate starter guide.

Click here to access the Manage Candidates Adoption Kit.