Past Due Aging

Previously, users could leverage a Past Due Aging field as a report filter to isolate people who were more than X number of days past due on training. However, while this field was available in Reporting 2.0, the Past Due Aging field could not be used as a filter in Reporting 2.0 due to performance concerns.

With this enhancement, optimizations have been made to the Past Due Aging field and it has been reintroduced to Reporting 2.0. Users can once again add the Past Due Aging field as a filter in their reports.

Field Name

Report Section

Field Description Field Type affected reports
Past Due Aging Transcript This field displays the number of days a learning object is past due for completion by a user, if a due date was assigned. The value is calculated by subtracting the current date from the due date. Numeric Test Report, Transaction Report, and Transcript Report