Professional Skills Subscription Refresh

Build stronger communicators, strategic thinkers, and higher functioning teams across the organization with professional skills content focused on the business savvy skills that every employee needs. With this subscription teach employees how to communicate effectively—both internally and with customers—work well in teams, stay productive, and manage their own career development.

Professional Skills subscribers will automatically receive the subscription refresh at the May ’20 Release with the following additions:

  • New IT & Operations Content
    • Enable your technical staff to continue reskilling and help non-technical professionals expand into new skillsets relevant for their jobs. Over 130 courses added covering IT Processes, Coding, UX Design, and Software. 15 technical taxonomy topics now covered with courses on AWS, Python, CompTIA, and more.
  • New Grovo Content
    • Open Mindedness - Help employees learn how to practice open mindedness so they can improve their work, as well as their problem-solving and collaboration skills.
    • Managing Complexity - Help learners navigate increasingly complex situations and solve problems amidst ambiguity.
    • Advancing Your Career - Help learners assert control over the direction of their careers by finding opportunities to advance and seeking new challenges to help develop areas of expertise.
  • New Content from EMEA Providers
    • Cornerstone Content Anytime continues to expand offerings in French, German, and Spanish.
  • New Curriculum Blueprints - Curriculum Blueprints are available for the Professional Skills, Leadership & Management, and Remote Work Essentials subscriptions. Curriculum Blueprints are designed to help learning administrators create meaningful learning experiences with their CCA subscriptions, helping to increase engagement and improve performance across key skill areas. Each blueprint includes guidance on which courses to include and in which order, supplemented with blended learning materials that help employees put new skills into practice, to create the most effective and engaging learning experience. For more information and to download the blueprints, click here.